About Me

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I received my Ph.D. from George Mason University in 2023. My advisor is Dr. Jessica Lin. I received my B.Sc. degree in mathematics and statistics from York University and M.Sc. degree in Computational Science from George Mason University. I also did research on farm structure and financial analysis at U.S. Department of Agriculture and machine prognostics at Intel Cooperation before.

My research interest lies in the broad area of data mining, machine learning, and deep learning, with a special focus on high-resolution time series data. I am currently interested developping robust, interpretable, and reliable data mining and machine learning tools for anomaly detection, time series chain discovery, long sequence forecasting, and classification, as well as developping practical solution for privacy-aware time series data sharing.



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  • Christopher Burns, Sujit Ghosh, Daniel Prager, and Li Zhang. Imputation of ordinal data in the agricultural resource management survey using bayesian methods. In Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). American Statistical Association (JSM), 2017.

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